Processing Film and Making a Homemade Darkroom

Processing black & white film in my kitchen

A few years ago, my grandad gave me his analogue film camera, an Olympus OM10. This stared my passion for film photography, I loved having a set amount of images I could take, and this really taught me to create better photographs.

At university, the course involved a lot of film photography and I learnt about larger formats and colour film. This year was my final year at uni, and the time was cut short due to Covid-19. I still had a lot of work to do and couldn’t imagine handing in an unfinished project.

I decided to teach myself how to develop both black & white and colour film at home, as well as scanning. The next step was making my own darkroom, it seemed like a crazy idea. But with a lot of black paint and a kit from eBay, I managed to turn my shed into a fully functional black and white darkroom in a couple of weeks!

This is something I am super proud of and love sharing with others as I know a lot of people appreciate film photography, or may even have old cameras around the house. Film photography to me is an art, and I love experimenting with different processes.

Homemade darkroom ready to make some prints
Me using my medium format camera, the Mamiya RB67

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