Professional Headshots

Do you need an updated photo of yourself for your professional profiles? Or are you looking to grow your personal brand? At GS Creative Photography, we specialise in vibrant portraits that really make you stand out. Here are some photos from our most recent portrait session!

Bluebell Season

Each year I patiently wait until April to see the bluebells! They’re one of my favourite flowers, which makes it even better seeing so many this year. Each year I see more and more of them, with some even popping up in my garden! Paired with the warm weather we’re having, I’m even more excited […]

Meet Daisy

This month, we picked up Daisy the beautiful Shih-Poo and brought her back to her forever home. Now that she’s settled in, I wanted to take some pictures of her in the garden, and continue to do so as she grows. Here she is!

Pagham Beach

Living in Bognor Regis, Pagham is just around the corner. I wanted to explore more of the beach there, as well as parts of the harbour I haven’t seen before. I parked up near the cafe, decided on a direction, and started walking. It was a lovely day, and there were lots of interesting things […]

Pulborough Brooks

Recently, I’ve been going on a lot of walks in West Sussex, especially woodland areas. Many of my drives have been around the Pulborough area recently, and I finally stopped off at Pulborough Brooks. Of course I took my camera with me, here are a selection of photos I took:

Product Photography

It was great fun being able to photograph some Me to You products for Carte Blanche Group! I was able to create a mini studio set up at home to get the required images which fit their brand aesthetic. Here’s some of the photos which have been posted on the Me to You Instagram!

Misty Morning Walk

I love walking around my local area, especially throughout the seasons and in different weather conditions! This walk took place on a misty morning in Bognor Regis. I walked along the beach towards Aldwick, taking in the sights and fresh air! Here’s some photos I took during the walk:

Visit to West Dean

I’d been planning to go to West Dean for a while and finally booked myself a ticket to go. I was worried it wouldn’t look as beautiful this time of year but I was wrong! Here’s some of my favourite photos that I took that day:

Highdown Gardens

I recently drove to Highdown Gardens in Worthing to capture some more beautiful flowers before autumn kicks in fully. It is a beautiful location with such an interesting history of being a chalk pit. As well as that, it’s also free to enter and parking is right next to the gardens. Here are some of […]

August Highlights

In August, we focussed on capturing more flowers and insects as the end of summer was becoming closer and closer. We went to local parks in Bognor Regis, West Sussex to get the shots.

Shoot with Oscar

We recently had a shoot with Oscar who is a local musician. We took the photos in Chichester, West Sussex and experimented with different tools to manipulate the light. Here are some of our favourite shots that day:

Shoot with Reece

We had a great time photographing Reece who is a personal trainer. We photographed him in multiple locations in Chichester, West Sussex. Here are some of our favourite shots:

July Highlights

In the month of July, I focussed on getting more wildflower photos for my print collections. I then made some mounted prints of my favourite photos which are available to buy at Prints by Georgina.

Wedding Sneak Peek

It was lovely shooting Chloe and Josh’s Wedding last month, the first one of the year! I first met them a couple of years ago when I was looking for couples to photograph on Bognor Beach. I then shot their engagement photos, and now their wedding. Here are some sneak peeks from the big day!

The Trundle

After seeing posts online about a field of poppies, I decided to drive down there to have a look. The Trundle is near Chichester, and has a car park right next to the field. As you approach, there seems to be an endless amount of poppies stretching for miles. It’s always amazing seeing sights like […]

June Highlights captured by GS Creative Photography around West Sussex

June Highlights

June was a great month for photography! I got a new extender for my lens for macro photography, did some headshot sessions, captured some beautiful wildflowers, and shot a wedding. Lots of variation this month with lots of amazing subjects! Here are some of my favourite photos taken throughout the month:

Community Beach Clean

I live by the beach and I have wanted to join a beach clean for a while now. With the uncertainty around Covid-19, all of the beach cleans I could find had been cancelled. I was introduced to The Million Mile Clean by Surfers Against Sewage and saw that there were no beach cleans scheduled […]


Each year in my local area, there is a patch of wildflowers which I go to photograph. It’s located between a car park and road, and really brings some colour to the area. It’s lovely for bees and humans alike, and I’d love to see more of this.

New Macro Photography

I love macro photography, and capturing tiny details of plants and insects. I always find that it’s important to take photos for fun, as well as photography for work. Recently, I bought an extender for my macro lens. This means I can get even closer to my subjects, and capture even more detail. It will […]

May Highlights

During the month of May, I began shooting more products and portraits for businesses. I also did my first car photoshoot which was a great experience. Towards the end of May, I went camping with friends in Cheddar and switched off for a bit to enjoy nature. Here are some highlights from this month:

World Bee Day

So today is world bee day, a day of celebrating these amazing insects which do so much for the planet. I love photographing bees and try to get as close as possible without disturbing them. I’ve recently bought an extender for my macro lens and look forward to it arriving so I can try it […]

Forget Me Nots

I recently photographed forget me nots in a local park, I love their vibrant colour and how small they are! There’s always so many to be found.

April Highlights

April was a great month, I begun to get out a bit more and explore new places as restrictions eased. I also began shooting headshots again which is one of my favourite things to do. As well as photography, I organised a beach clean which is taking place in June on Bognor Beach. It’s been […]

Chanctonbury Ring

After going to Cissbury Ring, it was only right to visit Chanctonbury Ring too. It was definitely a different experience to Cissbury Ring. This time, the walk started in a woodland area up a hill where I saw a grand tree with its roots exposed. Once up the hill I was greeted by lots of […]

Bluebell Photography

April is known for it’s abundance of bluebells, and I unfortunately missed them last year as I was working hard on finishing University. This year I’m going to be capturing as many bluebells as I can, and my favourite shot will be featured in my next yearly calendar! Here are some photos from my first […]

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