Chanctonbury Ring

After going to Cissbury Ring, it was only right to visit Chanctonbury Ring too. It was definitely a different experience to Cissbury Ring. This time, the walk started in a woodland area up a hill where I saw a grand tree with its roots exposed. Once up the hill I was greeted by lots of […]

Bluebell Photography

April is known for it’s abundance of bluebells, and I unfortunately missed them last year as I was working hard on finishing University. This year I’m going to be capturing as many bluebells as I can, and my favourite shot will be featured in my next yearly calendar! Here are some photos from my first […]

Cissbury Ring

Cissbury Ring

I love driving around my local area, and going for walks in beautiful areas. I have a list of places I’ve been wanting to go to for a while, and with restrictions easing, I thought I’d start with one of the most local: Cissbury Ring.

March Highlights

March was a great month for photography, and brought a range of new subjects to capture. More flowers began to bloom, I made some more DIY backdrops, and picked up an old project to carry on working on. Here are some highlights from the month of March!

Granola Shoot

One of our goals this year was to do more product photography that features items you can find in your cupboards. A bag of granola, some honey, and some yogurt later, and we have a styled shoot.

Waffle Shoot

Waffle day was last week, and although it’s not celebrated in the UK, we couldn’t say no to photographing (and eating) waffles. We’re starting to have a nice selection of diy backdrops now that are perfect for food photography. Here are some of our favourite shots from the shoot:

4 Week Old Bunnies

Following on from our last blog post, our 5 baby bunnies are now 4 weeks old! Their personalities are really starting to develop now as they learn new things. We wanted to take photos of each of them today to mark this milestone, and who doesn’t love baby bunnies anyway?

Baby Bunnies

4 weeks ago, our rabbit had babies. There are 5 in total, getting bigger and fluffier every day. At two weeks old, I decided to take photos of them all separately to try and identify them. As they get bigger, they get more unique markings which make it a lot easier to identify them.

Spring Blossom

One of my favourite parts of spring is seeing all of the blossom. Walking through parks seeing the beautiful trees with delicate pink and white flowers. It is beautiful up close and from afar, with some blowing in the wind and covering the floor with pastel colours.

Honey Photoshoot

After my last honey shoot, I wanted to capture more of a light and airy style using backdrops I made using vinyl and foam boards. I had been looking at inspiration for a while, but didn’t know where I could get hold of any honeycomb. I was quite lucky, and managed to find some lovely […]

February Highlights

Although February was a shorter month, I managed to do quite a few different shoots both inside and outside. The light snow was also a refreshing change to the landscape. Here are some of my favourite highlights from February:

Photographing Daffodils

When thinking about spring, what comes to mind? Spring cleaning, warmer days, lighter afternoons, and of course daffodils! It was lovely seeing some of the first signs of daffodils beginning to bloom in my garden, I love it when they pop up at the beginning of spring and brighten up our walks around the park.

Photographing Crocuses

In my garden, I noticed that a patch of purple flowers had appeared. Looking closer I realised that they were bright purple crocuses! One of the main things I love about my garden is when new flowers pop up for me to photograph.

Product Photography

I wanted to photograph some basic items which can be found in any kitchen. I was inspired by photos on Pinterest and decided to take some photos of flour and eggs. I saw some images on Pinterest where people had drawn hearts in the flour and I wanted to try this. Although a bit messy, […]

Jewellery Photography

I love seeing photographs of jewellery, and how the colours stand out in different lighting styles. I’ve wanted to do a jewellery shoot for a while now, but using natural light rather than a studio setting. I think that capturing a subject in an environment gives an image an extra layer of depth, and can […]

Photographing Pink Salt

Doing product photography at home means that you have to be very creative with anything you can find. The challenge I set myself at the beginning of this year was to do more product photography. I’ve been using lots of items in my house as well as looking in local shops for new subjects. At […]

Photographing in the Snow

Snow doesn’t come often in West Sussex, so when it does, I’m straight out there with my camera. It hasn’t settled much, but I love the lighting on snowy days and how the snow settles on the newly blooming plants. I started off taking photos in my garden, and then moved on to the local […]

Pet Photos at Home

Working from home has definitely been different, and it has definitely made me think much more creatively. Being a photographer means that you have to work with any lighting conditions to create amazing imagery. At home, I’ve been challenging myself to do more product photography, and work with different lighting to create different moods and […]

Finding Snowdrops

Snowdrops are known to be found primarily in the month of February. I came across some in a local park and decided to come back to photograph them. I love capturing flowers, and always find it hard during winter to find any in bloom. I always look forward to the first signs of spring, and […]

Avocado Photoshoot

This year, I set myself the challenge of doing more product photography. I set out to find local produce and other interesting subjects to photograph from the comfort of my home. While shopping, I came across some ‘wonky avocados’, I love the idea of being able to buy produce which is less than perfect rather […]

Iced Tea Photoshoot

I have been focussing a bit more on product photography recently, selecting interesting subjects to photograph such as food and drink. I came across an interesting iced tea bottle in my local shop that I thought would be interesting to photograph. Below are some photos I took, using natural light in my garden and a […]

Styled Shoots- January

One of my goals this year is to do more styled shoots in the comfort of my home, using minimal props found around the house, and fresh produce from local shops. At the moment, Pinterest is my best friend, giving me lots of inspiration for any type of shoot or aesthetic. Using natural light in […]

Looking back at 2020

2020 was an interesting year for everyone, many people want to forget about it, while others want to look back at the year. I finished university and started to focus more on the business alongside other employment. Not being able to photograph people for a while was strange, so I began to look at different […]

Receiving the Rosy Maguire Graduate Prize

I feel so grateful for receiving a First Class Honours in photography, and even more grateful for receiving the Rosy Maguire Graduate Prize.Rosy was a technician at Solent University and I was lucky to meet her at one of the many open days before starting the course. Her love of the darkroom and alternative techniques […]

Shooting for 1784 Gin in Bognor Regis

I was asked by 1784 Gin to take some photos of their product for their social media. I wanted to capture the bottle in a natural setting, while staying local to the pub: The Dog and Duck in Bognor Regis It was a great experience being able to photograph for a local gin company in […]

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