Community Beach Clean

I live by the beach and I have wanted to join a beach clean for a while now. With the uncertainty around Covid-19, all of the beach cleans I could find had been cancelled.

I was introduced to The Million Mile Clean by Surfers Against Sewage and saw that there were no beach cleans scheduled for Bognor Regis. On their website, Surfers Against Sewage had a simple guide on how to host your own beach clean. They even provided the gloves and bags! I then contacted the council and was able to borrow litter pickers for the day.

Most regulations had eased and the beach clean was able to go ahead, more than 50 people turned up which was amazing! From a quick glance, the beach looked clean, but we ended up filling multiple bags of rubbish.

After the success of the first beach clean, I’d love to set up more events to get the local community together to look after our beach.

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