Pet Photos at Home

Working from home has definitely been different, and it has definitely made me think much more creatively. Being a photographer means that you have to work with any lighting conditions to create amazing imagery. At home, I’ve been challenging myself to do more product photography, and work with different lighting to create different moods and aesthetics.

I’ve been wanting to take photos of my leopard gecko for a while, who I’ve now had for nearly 10 years. His name is Bob, which you can probably guess is a name I chose as a teen. I’ve been putting off photographing him for a while now as I would make excuses such as: ‘the lighting isn’t right’ and many others.

All you need is a window and an uncluttered room, and you can get some great images of anything you want. So I decided to set up in my dining room by a large window and start shooting.

As well as my leopard gecko, I also took some photos of my tortoise Atlas, here are the results:

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